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the comics? >> that is right, they don't know rob ford. >> things start relatively sedate, but when i ask why he decided to admit his crack use after months of denial, he gets so angry. >> i was just sick and tired of all the allegations, excuse my words, that is all it is, sorry, i shouldn't swear in front of the kids on tv, you know, i'm paying my taxes, i made mistake, i'm human. >> but can't you see why some would question your judgment? >> so what? just lie? >> you said you didn't do it in the first place. >> you're wrong what they said, they said, do you smoke crack and are you a crack addict? no, i don't smoke crack and i'm not a crack addict, have i? yes, i have. i don't lie, i haven't smoked crack in over a year. but did i? come on. >> but that is semantics. >> you guys are typical media, all cut from the same cloth. >> but if we hope for a moment of contrition? how do we find ourselves in the middle of a rob ford rant in the middle of the projects? interesting story, it actually started here on "ac360" friday night. we look forward to having you by toronto one day. 18 hours later i
't typical. you don't normally see this. people are walking in and out of the airport trying to figure out what to do, where to go and these people will be looking at 24 hours of this. >> kyung thank you very much indeed. >>> now we go to chris lawrence at the shooter's family home in new jersey. chris, what do we know about him. we know he's 23 years old. he's called paul anthony ciancia. what else? >> reporter: we are getting a picture of him, his life and growing up here in the east coast and his background here with the family. standing outside of his dad's home in pennsville. the police have been here for most of the night now. the police chief is actually inside that house, still speaking with the family. we know he grew up in this area. neighbors say it was a very close knit family. the police chief says they had no problems with this family whatsoever. in fact, the neighbor says that his dad was a well-respected member of the community, a business owner. his son paul worked for his father for several years before heading out west to live in los angeles so seems like have arnormal l
american. this is one photo a picture of 21st century new york. don lemon with a portrait of the new york's very modern first family. >> from our family to your family, i give you the next mayor of new york city, bill de blasio! >> reporter: meet new york's first family. cracked 20 years of republican rule with their modern family appeal. >> and once again, the smack down. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: he is bill de blasio, a 52-year-old former college activist who was a supporter of nicaragua rebels. and liberation theology. >> that inequality, that feeling of a few doing very well while so many flipped further behind, that is the defining challenge of our times. >> reporter: he promised voters he could combat income inequality and plans to raise taxes on the wealthy to fund public pre-k. [ speaking in foreign language ] she is sherlane mccrain. the new york's next first lady declared she was a lesbian. >> and he's tall and good looking. >> reporter: she talked about her attraction to de blasio on "huffington post" live. >> i didn't really date many men. >> did you tell him that? >> l
president? >> it was serious, not that it was intentionally polled and focused grouped. campaigns don't spend the money unless they are seriously exploring something. it was only known but about a half dozen of the top obama senior advisors, people like david axle rod and most notably the chief of staff william daily, then chief of staff who became close to joe biden. they are similar age, similar background. >> similar background. you talked to him? >> i talked hto him on the phon and he confirmed saying he thought it was his due diligence as chief of staff to explain the possibility of what she would mean for obama in 201. they concluded she wouldn't add a substantial effect, she would help but not enough to dump biden. >> so a bump but not big enough to justify the whole drama -- >> that was their conclusion at the end of 2011, correct. >> there is also in the book details about the relationship between president obama and former president clinton and president obama said he likes clinton quote in small doses? >> right, they were playing golf between the two warring camps, finally
and people are dying. people are still dying. people will die who don't need to die. they will die of things that if they had antibiotics they could easily be cured of and we have an example of that this evening. you may have seen this picture. it's been seen around the world. it really stunned a lot of people. a woman of what remains in a hospital in tacloban has been manually pumping air into his lungs to keep him alive. he essentially has a broken leg but an infection set in because he wasn't seen by doctors, because there weren't doctors that could see him. there weren't surgeons to operate and antibiotics to stop the infection. antibiotics that would cost a few cents weren't available. the third, fourth, fifth and sixth day. we have an update on what happened to this man, also joined by nick paton walsh in manila. ivan, you were just at the hospital. this picture really captivated, on newspapers, seen on defense around the world. you have an update what happened. what has gone on? >> anderson i'm sad to report the man photographed there 27-year-old richard pulga that had an open fractur
, behind her, an african-american. now don lemon with a portrait of new york's very modern family. >> from our family to your family, i give you the next mayor of new york city bill de blasio. >> meet new york's new family. the modern family appeal. >> and once again -- >> one, two, three. >> he is bill de blasio, a former cle former college activist. >> that inequality, that feeling of a few doing really well while so many slip further behind, that is the defining challenge of our times. >> he promised voters he would combat income inequality and plans to raise taxes on the wealthy to plan and she is new york city's next first lady she talked about her attraction to de blasio. >> i didn't date very many men. >> did you tell him that? >> i did. >> daughter kiara. >> they are very stylish. >> reporter: then there's dante who's afro became the campaign prop. >> unfairly targets people of color. >> on an issue base, it did things in terms of the democrat mog gra fee of the city, in terms of his family values. there was not much left, anything that the candidates could do at that point. >> rep
we don't know what we have done. i just finished a history on vietnam. >>> anderson cooper now reports live from the philippines. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm anderson cooper from the philippines, five days after the typhoon haiyan set in. this is a place where there is little food, little water, and there are many, many people in need. many people are trying to get out of here, getting out of the airport. there are scenes of people lining up, they've been lining up all night long. they wait in the airport. they frankly have nowhere else to go, because out there on the other side of the camera is what remains of tacloban, and it is not a pretty sight. dead bodies laying out near the wreckage of people's people sleeping out in the street. it's been five days since super typhoon haiyan slammed into the philippines, but there's been no concerted effort to retrieve the body the of those who died. the cleanup in some badly hit areas has barely started. everywhere you go, there are pleas for help. >> everything's gone. there's nothing to eat. there's nothing to drink. >> we need m
think not to anticipate some trouble. i don't, really, i don't anticipate any violence. ♪ >> here comes air force number one, the president's plane now touching down. there is mrs. kennedy, and the crowd yells and the president of the united states. i can see his suntan all the way from here. >> looking at how things actually went, it wasn't just a trip to dallas. it was a political trip preparing for the 1964 elections. >> shaking hands now with the dallas people, governor and mrs. connally. governor connally on your left. >> it was whether kennedy could use his charisma and influence to get all the squabbling democrats in texas to come together before the election the next year. >> and here comes the president now, in fact, he's not in his limousine. he's departed the limousine and he is reaching across the fence, shaking hands. >> in those days everybody could get a lot closer to the president. i was standing behind mrs. kennedy and saw a hand reach through the chain link fence and break off one of the red roses. >> thousands of children swarming, trying to get over the fence. the da
there is extensive damage and houses damaged. we just don't know how wad it is, though. the sheer scale of the super typhoon means there is so much area to cover and it's just become light here. the military planes are just about to take off and will go and fly over the area to get the first aerial survey how bad it is and also to see exactly who needs help, how they can get the aid to them and if they can land in the area, of course. they don't know if the landing strips and helicopter pads will be flooded, as well and if they have to i'm pro vice? >> how long until they get a sense of the overview? >> reporter: well, they are not giving us any kind of sense. i would guess it would be a day or two before we know just how bad it is. certainly, the initial flights are going to be going over in the next couple hours. we know some aid agencies have started their long journeys down to the area from manila furtherer south in central philippin philippines, which has been hit hard. the red cross for one, said they are going down with aid but believe it will take 18 hours to reach some of the hard eps hit a
. people are still dying, people will die who don't need to die. they're going to die of things that if they had antibiotics they couldizely be cured of. we have an example of that this evening. you may have seen this picture. it's been seen around the world. it's really stunned a lot of people. a woman in what has remains of a hospital in tacloban who has no other option but to try to pump air into her husband's body to keep him alive. she's manually been pumping air into his lungs to keep him alive. he essentially has a broken leg. but an infection has set in because he wasn't seen by doctors because there weren't doctors who could see him. there weren't surgeons who could operate on him. there weren't antibiotics that could actually stop the infection. so antibiotics that would cost a few cents were not available. and we're not talking about the first day after the storm or the second day, we're talking the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth day ivan watson is joining us from tacloban with an update on what has happened to this man. also joined by nick payton wa
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of the encumbrances they get into to do what's right for patients, if patients don't want treatment. their rights and privileges supersede their own safety and the safety of people around them. >> a county official said the senator's son gus was released from a psychiatric facility because there were no beds available. you heard that in chris lawrence's report. does that make sense to you? >> no, it doesn't make sense. i think that's possibly true. that might have been another element in the decisionmaking. but usually, what happens is, the patient reconstitutes. the family reassures everybody that they'll take care of him. and many times, against the doctor's better judgment, the patient is allowed to go out with pressure from the patient and family. but the reality is clearly this kid should have had mandated treatment and ended up in a much better place, he could have had adequate treatment and done well. >> paul, you say that in cases where an older child kill as parent, they usually have a good relationship. a lot of people i think would find that surprising. explain. >> yeah, it's counter i
, in terms of the relief effort, what are you seeing? when you go out in these neighborhoods, i don't see much of an effort. >> every morning you see planes coming in and limited in capacity. an effort by the philippine military chopping down a tree and rearranging trash here. we seen the scale of destruction a monumental challenge ahead and the issue for many people in the next coming days, they will match that with the level of aid. we haven't seen food or heavy machinery or presence there. >> you spent time recently or last night just kind of outside during the night to see what it was like. >> almost like a ghost town. night causes much devastation not to be visible but you're still left with people coming to terms in their quiet confined sb spaces with the real loss. >> let's take a look. >> some of tacloban's misery but locals must huddle around what is left. the smell of death heavy, bodies unfound and they even hunt for them at night. a dog led them to this spot where he watched them dig up his son and just now his daughter. as the typhoon picked up, she suddenly stopped answering
entered. >> we don't have any time code with which to synchronize the events that are shown in the video. >> either the camera did this on their own or a human being interacted to make this camera do these things. >> reporter: an attorney for lowndes county schools tells cnn what we produced to the sheriff is a raw feed with no edits. the attorney for lowndes county sheriff's office tells cnn, my client has confirmed the video was not altered or edited by anyone within the lowndes county sheriff's office. >> we believe it somebody corrupted this video because it just does not make sense to us. >> reporter: so who's right? to find out we took our copy of the video provided to cnn by the attorney for the sheriff's office to an expert. >> we brought the hard drive more than 2300 miles here to spokane, washington, to deliver it to the leading expert in forensic video analysis, grant fredricks. he's a former police officer, a consultant for the u.s. department of justice, and a contract instructor at the fbi academy in quantico. we are here to get an answer. has the surveillance footage been
. and under foot, it is now just a deluge. and if you look behind me, i don't know if you can see it. the stair case is now basically a water fall. >> reporter: and then a torrent of black water began to pour into the hotel. the storm surge had begun. within a few minutes it was at ground floor window level. a panicked family now trapped in their room smashed the window and screamed for help. we managed to get the mother across to safety. it immediately became clear that calls were panicked. their daughter was severely disabled. we went back to get the terrified girl to safety. and cnn producer tim schwartz helped to rescue the rest of the family. >> and andrew stevens is joining us now, andrew, your images during the typhoon are amazing to have been inside what may have been one of the strongest storms ever. so give our viewers around the world a little flavor of what it was like. >> reporter: it is mind-numbing, wolf. you're standing there, and all around is just noise. it is like you have screaming winds. and they howl through the smashed glass, the constant smashes of glass, cons
anymore. they said they don't have electricity. they don't have supplies. right now patients say the only place they can go is basically right over there. there's what used to be a small clinic. it's now overrun with patients. i talked to two doctors there, both of whom say they are overwhelmed. they need more doctors. they say they don't have enough supplies. what's really frustrating, they say they don't even have enough water and food at that clinic to deal with all the people they are seeing coming to them. there are people, an old man died there last night, three people have given birth there. they're dealing with all manner of injuries. so there's still a lot of needs. that's just here at the airport. i want to bring in captain john seamus, correct? >> yes. >> good, i didn't mess it up. you're here, you're with the air forcer what's your job here? >> i'm with the air fighter squadron based in japan. i'm with the combat patrollers. our primary job is to help the filipinos re-establish this air field and make sure it's efficient for 24 hours a day. >> that's the priority to get this u
's a remarkable scene. i don't recall ever really seeing a current president, a former president, a potential future presidential candidate certainly all together honoring the memory of a former president. >> it is a fascinating moment, and to go there to this site, this historic site where you have the former president, you also have bobby kennedy, senator ted kennedy, the three brothers and jackie kennedy, the former first lady buried -- >> they are there with ethyl kennedy. >> you see ethal there as they go up the stairs. bill clinton has the iconic photo as a boy's nation event when bill clinton was a young pan and bill clinton always loved that photo and used it and made the personal connection. president obama of course was a young man when this happened. his wife was born after president kennedy was assassinated but the kennedys were critical. that was when the clinton obama race was atogger head and a big question mark. both of these presidents, clinton and obama have a connection to the kennedy family that is important to them politically and they thought it was important to do this
for tonight. it could be a disaster. my parents grew up in pennsylvania. it's a hilly place. you don't need any ice at all going up and down those hills at night. so try to stay off the roads if you can. we advance you to tomorrow. and here's where it gets bad. an hour to two-hour delays in d.c. new york metro's two to three hours. and you're saying to yourself, wait, it's only going to rain in boston. how do we get three to four-hour delays? because you're going to be have wind gusts to up to 60 miles per hour there. new york city, 40 miles per hour. d.c., 30 miles per hour. airplanes can't take off and land at the duration at the distance the want to be. the want to be every minute, every two minutes. when you get this type of wind it's maybe every four minutes. you get half as many planes on the ground as you want, you're going to get long delays, john. >> chad, i'm bad at math, but those delay numbers look very, very bad to me. the national weather service has now officially called this a nor'easter. what exactly does that mean, chad? >> you know, it's a storm that has now gone into its
americans can keep their insurance under the affordable care act. he had advice. >> here is my suggest, don't be so cute and when you make a mistake, admit it. listen, if it was a mistake in 2009, if he was mistaken in twoutz 9, 2010 on his understanding of how the law would operate, then just admit it to people. say you know what? i said it. i was wrong. i'm sorry and we're going to try to fix this and make it better. i think people would give any leader in that circumstance a lot of credit for just, you know, owning up to it. instead of now -- don't lawyer it. >> don't lawyer it. jake tapper joins us from chirstie headquarters. fascinating, he's not known to mince words and didn't today. >> reporter: no, this is a man extra that experienced tough times, tough words for having a good working relationship with president obama and in the closing days of the election last year after super storm sandy hit the coast and president obama came to new jersey and christie had nice things to say about president obama. a lot of americans bitter and mad. chris christi saying don't be a lawyer, be a lea
of a flight out of here. they don't have food, they don't have water. and you would think at the one place with supplies coming in here, the one place it would be easy to distribute water or food to people would be here at the airport. but there are people begging us for water just little sips of water. i want to show you what we saw at a clinic several hours ago. a clinic that's been set up here at the airport, a clinic that's simply overwhelmed. take a look. >> it's like this every day now in this overcrowded clinic at tacloban airport, there are too many people, not enough supplies. >> it's a little bit chaotic. >> it looks very chaotic. >> as you can see we don't have any medicines, we don't have any supplies. we have iv fluids but it's running out. and most of the people here doesn't have water or food, that's why they come here. most of the kids are dehydrated, most of them are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. >> this doctor has been here for three days. it feels much longer. >> what do you need here? >> mostly need food and water. that's the most important supplies that we need
in the chest, center mass, hit multiple times but we don't know the condition. we've been trying to find out from hospitals throughout the course of the day because that's a significant wound as you can imagine. >> right, obviously. do we know much about his background? >> no, and that's been a little bit frustrate l. this happened about 12:30 eastern standard time. all we know 23-year-olds old, white mail, walked into the airport he had a bag in which he had the weapon concealed. he was wearing gray camouflage and one magazine in the rifle, the one fierped and two additional magazines we're told by a source on him. those were never used. there is a picture of both the rifle and what we're being told are bloody clothes, that was a picture snapped in the area where police shot him. anderson? >> debra appreciate the update. kim has more. you had people in different terminals stop stuck on planes for five, six hours, how are people getting information in and remaining calm. what was the scene like afterwards? >> reporter: well, after that initial chaos, anderson, at least inside the terminal pe
father had this saying, oh, i'm sorry i didn't do this because he would say sorry i don't get the hey in for east coast translation an apology doesn't correct the problem. i think we are at that point where the president has to do something and he having sign signalled that in this beintervw accept changes to something he didn't want to change. >> republicans calling the president to fire kathleen sebelius. i was struck by what the president did not say when he was asked about that. let's listen. >> do you still have full confidence in kathleen sebelius? >> i think kathleen sebelius in tremendous difficult circumstances in the last four and a half years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets so there is a good product for people to get. you know, kathleen sebelius doesn't write code. she wasn't our it person. i think she would be the first to admit that if we had to do it all over again, there would have been a whole lot more questions asked in terms of how this thing is working but my priority now is to get it fixed, and, you know, ultimately -- >> is she still the
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reset the clock a little bit. >> it's remarkable seeing. i don't recall ever seeing the current president, a former president and a potential future presidential candidate, all together honoring the memory of a former president. >> it is a fascinating moment. and to go there to this site, this historic site, where you have the former president. you also have bobby kennedy. senator ted kennedy, and jackie kennedy, the former first lady, buried at this beautiful site. >> and also, ethel kennedy, also. >> you see ethel there, as they go up the stairs. and bill clinton has the iconic photo, the brief meeting with john f. kennedy, when bill clinton was a young man. and bill clinton loved that photo. used it in his presidential campaign. president obama was a young man when this all happened. his wife was born after president kennedy was assassina assassinated. in 2008, when senator kennedy and caroline kennedy endorsed -- both of these presidents right here, clinton and obama, have a connection to the kennedy family that's been important to them politically. and they thought it was i
together with freezing rain, sleet, and on the back side, snow. i don't think snow will be the really big problem with this. sure, there could be some in spots that can't handle it, buffalo, rochester, new york, watertown, and even 4 to 6 inches in pittsburgh and parts of ohio. but it will be the ice, just east of the area right through here is where the ice will be, that is why we have all the watches and warnings posted, wolf. >> all right, you will be a busy guy, thank you. let's go back to nick. you've seen hundreds of cancellations at the dallas airport, things are beginning to get back on track at least where you are? >> reporter: that is right, wolf, but it did have a hard impact across the country. as you know, dallas is a main hub, a lot of flights coming into this airport and leaving. in the last two days, we have had about 480 flights cancelled. airport officials say they're trying to preempt a lot of passengers stranded here in the airport. they do tell us, though, wolf, that the worst has passed. but thousands of passengers expecting to get on their flights have been affected
, but the concern is really to take care of you. we don't know where the gunman is at. so i like to make sure people are safe first, don't worry about me. so that is my story. thank you for giving me a chance to tell a little bit what happened to me. thank you. >> a decent guy, in a moment you're going to hear another story, all the developments on the situation today. for that, chu kuyung lah. >> reporter: this is a big strong guy, when i spoke to her grandmoth grandmother, she said her grandson is in pain, that is going to be a long recovery process for him and the other victims. meanwhile, we are learning more from law enforcement especially about some excruciating, missed details. when paul ciancia woke up on friday morning he quickly put his violent plan into action. his first move, according to a woman who knows the gunman and his roommate was to get to the airport. she asked not to be identified. >> that morning, he doesn't knock, just opens the door, says i need to leave. can you take me now. >> reporter: one of ciancia's roommates drive him to l.a.x. it is then believed that ciancia texted
that the government has not been able to get to. people in desperate need of water and food. the exact numbers, we don't know how many people have been wounded. the hospital in tacloban has been overwhelmed for days. the relief effort has started to come in to focus, but bad weather has put a big question mark over the area. over the next couple of hours, the type of relief and what will be able to get in, in the wake of what is believed another tropical storm heading toward tacloban area. the reason we're coming to you from here at the airport, we actually had flown -- planned to land. and then we were told that all flights at that point were stopped at that point because of the bad weather. we have a lot of our correspondents in tacloban and cebu, over the past hour coming in. we want to give you as much information we can for the needs of the people here. and the needs are great. that cannot be overstated. what we've seen for the last three to four days now, it is tuesday now at 11:00. some of the most dramatic images we've seen in recent times. here is a look at what the storm looked like as it ca
as it is today. i don't think anyone knew how to diagnose the problem. >> he couldn't do school. he acted up in class, got kicked out, his mother thought he would never graduate from high school. when he graduated from high school, his mother cried. why? because it was a day she thought would never come. >> reporter: he has difficulty reading but he's figured out ways to work around his disability, skills that led him to the president's office at goldman sachs. >> an incredible high percentage of successful entrepreneurs is dyslexic. they joke among dyslexic researchers that you go into a room of very successful business people and show of hands on how many have a learning disability, half the hands in the room go up. it's fascinating. >> reporter: although dyslexia remains a challenge for many people, cone figured out a way to overcome it. his disability forced him to become a good listener and unafraid to take chances. >> people that can't read well, we tend to build a great sense of listening. we also tend to build a great sense of being able to deal and cope with failure. >> this is not
. >> ma, ma. i don't know why this happened to me. we found him again today. >> are you -- >> his grief is still overwhelming. he can't stop thinking about seeing his family drown in the storm. the first one that i saw was my youngest he says, she fainted and then she drowned. the water was so fast, and then my wife, when i tried to grab her, i missed her and then she drowned, then i never saw her again. he admits he often thinks of killing himself but hasn't because he still has one child who needs him. it's like i don't want to live anymore because of what happened to my family he tells me. all of us here lost our loved ones, but all i'm saying is people have different ways of dealing with it. how we feel, in my case, i can't handle it. in tacloban, there is little time for grief, little chance for comfort, between death and life, the line is thin. sometimes there is no line at all. well, if you've been watching our coverage over the past week, you know we've been on the ground in tacloban and elsewhere trying to be as accurate as possible, accuracy is what we care most about here at
star may seem like glitz and glamor these days, just don't tell her that. >> so awkward. >> gnnatural way about her. >>> in rain today in dallas hard not to imagine for a second how different the world might be had it rained in dallas half a century agree. the sun was bright enough to see the pink dress and the top down and the president exposed in the car. a rainy day in dallas would pass into history and john f. kennedy would continue his term and go into a second term perhaps. for better or worse we would be living his legacy instead of marking his murder half a century later. ♪ ♪ >>> tapping this morning john f. kennedy's grave. there was a wreath laid not far from where brothers ted and bobby lie. she's 85 years old, the last surviving sibling. had he lived this long he would be 9 6 years old. remembrances across the city today. in ireland, as well. in dilly plaza a outpouring of affection for a president so many texans viewed with suspicion in 1963 but so many others flocked to see. as the governor's wife told the president, well, mr. president, you can't say dallas doesn't
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